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I love the Lord. I attend Gulf Coast Assembly of God church in North Port, FL. My husband Carl and I have lived in Florida for 6 yrs. We are originally from Long Island, NY. We have 2 dogs, 2 beautiful kitties and 2 birds.. My heart belongs to the Lord...He is my best friend, my daddy. He has brought me from the pits of hell and brought me to the beautiful works of his world. I thank God everyday for what he has done in me and thru me and he keeps me growing everyday,I love the journey he has me on and i wake each morning excited to see what he has for me. I wake in the morning and the first thing I say is "Thank you Lord for this day that you have given me. Let me do what you want me to do. When I hear your voice speak to me saying "FOLLOW ME" let me always be obedient." My hearts desire is to reach Women from all over the country and locally. I am active in our Womens Ministry. It is such a blessing that we have such a wonderful Womens Ministry. Our women know that we have all been thru lifes UPS AND DOWNS and TOGETHER we lift each other up and encourage each other....

Saturday, July 16, 2011


"If you tell others that you belong to Me, I will tell My Father in Heaven that you are My followers.  But, if you reject Me, I will tell My father in Heaven that you don't belong to Me."

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Being women of God, we need to ALWAYS be willing to WITNESS to someone.  Whether if its in the supermarket, Walmart, the gas station, the work place, wherever we are, WE NEED TO ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO WITNESS.  You never know, it could make the difference for someone who is getting ready to leave their spouse, throw their unruly child out of the house, the housewife who feels its better if she's not in the "picture anymore. It could just mean, someone is having a "bad" day and just needs to see someone smile and say "Its going to be ok, God has it under control."  This could be a life changing experience for someone to hear those words "ITS OK, GOD HAS IT UNDER CONTROL."

Personally, I love being out in the store, usually its Walmart and I will find myself singing a favorite worship song in the toothpaste aisle (I have been known to sing VICTORY CHANT,) HAIL JESUS YOU'RE MY LORD, I WILL OBEY YOUR WORD and just dance a little while picking out my husbands favorite toothpaste.  If those of you who know me, you are probably giggling right about now.  But, thats how God uses me sometimes. Thru that little ditty of a song, I had a middle aged lady actually start echoing the song with me and her face lit up like a star filled sky.  She had asked me, "what is that GLOW that you have around you, I didn't hesitate for a moment and told her, I have the LOVE OF JESUS IN MY HEART."  she said "I want that GLOW also, can you help me have that GLOW." I just simply said, "If you don't know Jesus, then ask Him into your heart." I also asked her if she had a bible, she said "No, I don't anymore. I used to but it got lost" she looked sad when she said that, we went over to the  book aisle where the bibles were and she found a bible. The look on her face was priceless.  I gave her our churches card and said you are welcome to come and visit our church.  We will see if she comes tomorrow.  This was on Wednesday. 

I am telling you of this encounter, not to bring attention to myself, but to let you know that God puts us in a place where HE knows that a soul needs to hear someone tell them about HIM.  I thank God everytime He does this for me. 

I want to be that SALT AND LIGHT for JESUS.  I want to be a WITNESS for My Father.  I want to encourage those who are lost, that they no longer need to be lost.  I want to be the witness for a lady who is going thru trials.  We can witness to those in our church, who are dealing with things.  Even tho, they come to church every Sunday, doesn't mean they don't need someone to "witness" to them. It could mean more to them than you know.

I encourage you today, be ready, be willing, be prepared to be a WITNESS FOR JESUS.  It will happen in the least expected place and the most unexpected time.  But Glory to God, that HE LOVES US AND TRUSTS US TO BE A WITNESS AND BRING THE LOST BACK TO HIM....

I pray that each one of you will be SALT AND LIGHT to someone.


My love and blessings for each of you.

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  1. This brings a smile to my face. What a privialge to get to talk to someone just because you were worshipping God in the toothpaste isle. I call that the most unexpected place. I will be praying that the lady shows up this morning. WOW for her to come to know Christ. This reminded me this week of something that happened to me. Talk about most unexpected. I was alseep and had been for about an hour when I suddenly woke up. That is not something new to wake up like that but to be wide awake is. I went in and worked on my Bible Study. Then I came in and looked to see if I had any messages on Facebook when all of a sudden something caught. Remember I told you that I would not be on Facebook this week. The lady that lived next door while I was growing up, her daughter had just posted that Mary had just passed away. I was in shock when I realized that God had gotten me up and that I had been talking to Kathy for and hour and a half in the middle of the night. WOW talk about unexpected timing. I as well have been on that other side when the smile at Church was something that I really needed. At that time I had someone who is a very good friend now talk to me after she had given me that smile. God is so good and knows so much what we need at just the right time. Thank you for sharing this. Love ya bunches Cindy. I hope that your week is wonderful and I will see you next Sunday or Monday. Cindy