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I love the Lord. I attend Gulf Coast Assembly of God church in North Port, FL. My husband Carl and I have lived in Florida for 6 yrs. We are originally from Long Island, NY. We have 2 dogs, 2 beautiful kitties and 2 birds.. My heart belongs to the Lord...He is my best friend, my daddy. He has brought me from the pits of hell and brought me to the beautiful works of his world. I thank God everyday for what he has done in me and thru me and he keeps me growing everyday,I love the journey he has me on and i wake each morning excited to see what he has for me. I wake in the morning and the first thing I say is "Thank you Lord for this day that you have given me. Let me do what you want me to do. When I hear your voice speak to me saying "FOLLOW ME" let me always be obedient." My hearts desire is to reach Women from all over the country and locally. I am active in our Womens Ministry. It is such a blessing that we have such a wonderful Womens Ministry. Our women know that we have all been thru lifes UPS AND DOWNS and TOGETHER we lift each other up and encourage each other....

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Blessings my friends,

I have been seeking the Lord and asking HIM what it is that HE wants me to do.
It has been on my heart to start a another BLOG that will UPLIFT, ENCOURAGE AND SPEAK TO THE HEARTS OF WOMEN  of ALL AGES.   I have been asking the Lord what type of BLOG could I possibly do, that would accomplish this and My Father answered me....Write a DEVOTIONAL BLOG. 

Today, I am excited to share with you the NEW BIRTH OF "PRECIOUS DEVOTIONALS"....

Each day, I will be sharing a DEVOTIONAL. I will be expressing from my heart what it means to me. 

My hope is that you to will express what it means to you.

If it blesses you, please leave me a comment.

I will be adding things as I go along. 

I wish you abundant blessings and love.


  1. This is so awesome Cindy. I can't wait to get to read them. Just so you know I will be on vacation next week and not on the computer at all. I am only on here this week because of the death of a sweet friend. I know that you are going to covey what God wants people to hear. Love ya!!!!

  2. Thank you Cindy....you are such an INSPIRATION to me. You encourage me in ways you dont even know....I will be in prayer for your friend...I hope that you will be back on after your vacation. I pray that you will come back REFRESHED...luv you....