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I love the Lord. I attend Gulf Coast Assembly of God church in North Port, FL. My husband Carl and I have lived in Florida for 6 yrs. We are originally from Long Island, NY. We have 2 dogs, 2 beautiful kitties and 2 birds.. My heart belongs to the Lord...He is my best friend, my daddy. He has brought me from the pits of hell and brought me to the beautiful works of his world. I thank God everyday for what he has done in me and thru me and he keeps me growing everyday,I love the journey he has me on and i wake each morning excited to see what he has for me. I wake in the morning and the first thing I say is "Thank you Lord for this day that you have given me. Let me do what you want me to do. When I hear your voice speak to me saying "FOLLOW ME" let me always be obedient." My hearts desire is to reach Women from all over the country and locally. I am active in our Womens Ministry. It is such a blessing that we have such a wonderful Womens Ministry. Our women know that we have all been thru lifes UPS AND DOWNS and TOGETHER we lift each other up and encourage each other....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Good Morning Ladies,

Every morning I receive TODAYS VERSE from Heartlight.org

When I read the one for today, it hit my heart BIG TIME.

We need to RAISE up women to TEACH and MENTOR other women. From young women to older women. There is such a huge calling for women to COME FORTH and TEACH.....Are you one of these women....

After reading this, if it ministers to your heart, please do the following:

SEEK GOD....Ask HIM if this is the Calling or Gift that he has given you to do.
SEEK GUIDANCE.....The Holy Spirit will be present. Talk to your Pastor or your Pastors wife about what it YOU want to do to MENTOR to women.

"Teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good."

"Teach...to teach!" we need faithful women in God's family to help show us the way to reverence God in our daily lives and to live with character. That means we need to teach these women they need to teach. We need to pray for them to step foward and be mentors. We must openly respect their reverent lifestyles and acknowledge their godly character.

Holy and righteous Father, please raise up women of strong character and faithful service. Give us the eyes to see their Godly lives and a willingness to hold them up as examples to your people. Than you for the any godly women in our Christian Heritage who have had tremendous impact for good - women like Deborah, Esther, Mary, Dorcas, and Priscilla. I also want to thank you for those godly women who have made such a great difference in my life and taught me so much about Faith, Hope, and Love. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

On a Personal note, I would like to thank these ladies who have believed in me from the very beginning. Who have been with me during all the difficult trials and with me through the Walk that God has set before me.

LaDonna Jones....Words alone cannot express the love I have for this very special woman of God. She is my best friend. She has been with me through every walk that I have walked. She has lifted me up when things have been so low that I didnt know which way to turn. She has shared the joy in my life. She knows when I need a hug. She is never too busy to share her heart and thoughts. LaDonna, you are so SPECIAL. You mean the world to me. God BLESSED me the day HE brought you into my life. You are my best friend, but more than that, you are my SISTA....

Deanna Shrodes....Always an inspiration. I will never forget the night at our OUT POURING services at GCAG, when I thought my world was crashing down on me, you just held me and prayed for me and for my husband carl. All the inspiring words that you have shared, have made such a difference. You are a mighty women of God, who has MENTORED many. You leave a footprint on the hearts of women who have come to know and love you. Thank you for being such a wonderful woman of God.

Sandy V.....Thank you for being a friend. For bringing out in me, excitement in our conversations, messages. You are an inspiration. I love your enthusiam for Life, for women.

Illeana Reich.....What can I say about this dynamic little ever ready energizer women of God. You are a wonderful and true friend. Thank you for always being there for me. For the fun times when we are together. For the prayer times. For all the talks we have. You mean the world to me. You truly are a WOMAN OF GOD. What an example you have brought to us. I love you my friend and sistah.....

Erin Campbell.....Erin what can I say.....We have been friends for at least 9 yrs now. You were the one who helped me come out of my "SHELL". To share my testimony on your radio show...You were there for me when things were so bad. I dont have enough space here to say all I want to say..But let me say this...I love you and Thank you for helping me out of the pits and bringing beauty back into my life. You will always hold a special place in my heart that is reserved for only you...I love you my friend, my sista....

To all the ladies at GULF COAST ASSEMBLY....Each one of you has made a difference in my life...I love each and everyone of you....Each one of you has an imprint on my heart.....Thank you for loving me......

Each one of these ladies has been a MENTOR to me. What a difference they have made in my life...I thank God for each and everyone of you everyday.....

In His Love,

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